ORION FIRE & SAFETY INTERNATIONAL L.L.C for fire protection and safety systems, providing services by fully qualified and experienced civil defense approved engineers. We are the leading supply and installation contracting company in UAE.

Fire Detection & Protection

Fire & gas detection systems, fire alarm systems, gas extinguishing systems, fire fighting equipment, foam systems, dry chemical, detectors, sensors, control panels and associated cabling for early warning by detecting fire in incipient stages. 

Hydrant Systems

Back bone of fire protection systems. Pressurized piping network around premises with hydrants & hoses. Essential all major commercial & industrial risks.

Automatic Sprinkler System

Fixed piping system with ceiling mounted sprinklers operates at preset temperature. Suitable for stores, warehouses, industries , conference halls, hotels, high rise apartment buildings and other similar hazards.

Medium Velocity Water Spray

Automatic deluge operated water spray system with automatic detection. Suitable for fires involving liquids with flash point temperature C such as LPG plants, storage tanks, cable vaults, storage sheds, bullets & spheres.

High Velocity Water Spray System

Automatic deluge operated water spray system with automatic detection, suitable for fires involving liquids with flash point temperture C & above such as transformers, lube oil tanks etc.

Fixed Foam System & Fire Monitors

Low, medium or high expansion foam for cooling & choking effect for extinguishing fire in tank farms, aircraft hangers, chemical & petro-chemical industry.

Carbon Di-Oxide Flooding System

Automatic flooding & extinguishing by displacement of air with automatic detection. Suitable for paint spray booths, drying ovens, EDP installations, indoor transformers, Generators, etc.

Portable & Mobile Extinguishers

Water, CO2, Dry chemical & foam type portable & mobile extinguishers for local applications to extinguish fire in early stages. Essential in factories, warehouses, offices, vehicles, ships, aircrafts, buildings etc.

Marine Fire Protection Systems

Integrated system for ports-tower mounted remote controlled water/foam monitors, jumbo curtains etc. Suitable for LPG / hazardous material terminal, bulk, container &cargo terminals, off-shore & on shore facilities.

Clean Agent System

Automatic flooding & extinguishing agent such as FM 200. Environment friendly gaseous systems like inergen and argonite systems suitable for IT server rooms, switch rooms etc.

Dry Chemical System

ABC, AB or metal powder stored in containers & discharged through nozzles & expellant on automatic / manual detection. Suitable for abrupt extinguishing such as chemicals industry, engine test beds, gas & chemical tankers.

Fire Proofing & Passive Fire Protection Solutions

Passive fire protection solution for the structural steel buildings providing fire proofing on the primary steel sections .Suitable for warehouses , steel build structures and cinema houses, Sports stadiums etc.


Formal maintenance contracts are tailored to meet individual needs that may range from an annual service visit to permanently manned sites. Service agreements cover all types of fixed Fire Protection and Detection Systems including Fire Extinguishers and Hose Reels. In addition, we provide system inspections, audits and confidential status reports.